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A range of custom lenses allow me to shoot endoscopic micro images and super wide angle panoramic images of shipwrecks or coral reefs that vibrate with life and color. We have built in DSLR video capability that allows us to add texture and breadth to storytelling. I am now making pictures that I could only dream about using film..

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En teora, cuanto ms aos llevas de matrimonio, menos frecuentes son las relaciones sexuales. Hacer el amor con poca frecuencia implica que tienes menos posibilidades de concebir un beb cerca del momento de la ovulacin. Un espermatozoide que lleve el cromosoma Y (que, junto con el vulo, forma un nio) se mueve ms rpido, pero no vive tanto tiempo como un espermatozoide que lleve el cromosoma X (que forma una nia)..

I consider all of this pretty typical behavior, and it to be expected. The real problem is when bullying occurs (backed up by overwhelming, deadly force). I still maintain a high level of respect for the trucking profession as a whole, but after having been run off the road by a trucker when trying to perform a zipper merge in the perpetual construction zone of Hyak, WA, and having seen truckers do all kinds of sketchy stuff (oddly, most of it in Canada), I come to realize that truckers are human, and just because you are an “experienced professional” it doesn automatically make you a good driver, or even a decent human being.

In one of my college classes our professor was having us use the early draft of one of her friends book (turned out to be a good textbook btw). It was a full length book, but since we were basically the guinea pigs for the book, we just went to the school print shop and got a printed copy that was bound with that plastic binding. It cost us only a few bucks, and while it wasn as nice as other textbooks it worked just fine.

This Jets team just happens to wear the same green and white uniforms of the teams many of us have loved and rooted for. They just happen to wear the same uniforms as Namath, Snell, Maynard, Sauer, Todd, Klecko, etc., etc. If they wore different uniforms, do you know what we would do? We would hate them.

Everything’s normal. You know, it’s like watching a rocket take off, and, you know, all the readings you’re getting back are nominal. And then all of a sudden, the rocket explodes. It was Kate’s second appearance at the tennis tournament, after she attended last Wednesday wearing a nautical inspired Alexander McQueen dress (a repeat, obvi), cheering with Prince William by her side. Today Willz couldn’t make it but Pippa was free, so the two sisters put on their best summer dresses for the Andy Murray vs. Roger Federer final..

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