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When we moved from London to Majorca, Spain for my work with Camper, it had a very psycho geographic effect on me and drove my creativity. I came from London where everyone was cool, all fashion was fast, and consumption was conspicuous. I was in that world, but I learned by being in the countryside and hanging out with painters and alternative thinkers how to make something quite opposite of that world.

Most Supreme Court cases are not decided by the minimum majority of 5 4. But many of the most significant cases in recent years have come down that way. That includes recent landmark cases invalidating parts of the Voting Rights Act and weakening campaign finance laws.

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson defended himself in front of a frustrated House committee today. Paulson was testifying about the administration’s use of the $700 billion financial rescue program. As NPR’s John Ydstie reports, members of Congress were especially upset that none of the money has been used to directly help homeowners facing foreclosure..

“Not a single light on in the parking lot or Sydney Street exit. It’s not the greatest area anyway, but I doubt having darkened passages makes anyone feel any better coming out of there. Are there any plans to improve that area?” he asks, or “are all improvement monies going to the hotel shuttle stand and the Kennedy Library shuttle bus stops?”.

As you maybe know, a type 1 diabetic can experience a severe health crisis at any time. A simple flu can cause us to go into DKA and require emergency care. Being well controlled doesn’t always prevent that. Last week, Twitter announced some changes to fight harassment on the platform. The company said it would take more steps to keep people who have been singled out for harassing before from making new accounts. Twitter also said it will make its searches, “safer” and take out sensitive content, as well as hiding tweets Twitter has deemed abusive or “low quality.”.

Throughout the spring, Adams and Lee pursued the project of encouraging the colonies to design constitutions. The goal was to position the people to “pull down old tyrannies” and “erect new fabrics” all “at a single exertion.” This could be achieved only by taking the time to constitute before determining to revolt. On May 15, 1776, Adams secured passage in the Continental Congress of a resolution recommending that all the colonies adopt new forms of government.

Book 5 7 were written by King after his near death accident. To me, these books feel far different from the first 4 and mostly have the feeling of “I just need to get these done” (King came out with the last 3 within a few years as opposed to the first 4 over a couple decades because as he said he want to end up like Chaucer 5 feels very slow with a questionable pay off at the end. I not sure it was worth it.

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