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In 1957 Jim had the rare opportunity of doing a European tour which was a request by the US army to meet the demand for country music across Europe. Though it was not so successful as expected, he felt happy to see that his name had become a household word in America when he came back. In 1963 Jim went to South Africa to star in his one and only film Kimberly Jim..

Those who don’t have the money, time, or inclination to sample Evans’s creative cuisine at Hugo’s can cross the street to his far more casual, order at the counter joint, Duckfat. Paninis, soups, and salads all hint at Evans’s creativity and his preference for using locally sourced, fresh ingredients, but it’s the fries that earn the most accolades. Not just any fries, mind you, but Belgian fries.

The aftermath of that punch was already public is disturbing video showing rice dragging an unconscious polymer out of the elevator. Defended him and the ravens running back was charged with just a third degree aggravated assault. He completes a diversion program the charge could be dropped.

Tsar Nicoulai is now using the “nutrient stream” to grow something they can sell: vegetables. They built a 24,000 square foot greenhouse. Inside, thousands of heads of organic butter lettuce float on foam rafts, their roots dangling through holes into the water.

Was one of the most hated men in America. A veteran of World War II, he opposed the Vietnam War, telling me when I was about 12 that if the war was still being waged when I was 18, he would go to prison with me. To this day I carry in my head the rather gloomy image of sitting in a jail cell with my dad.

Just from a practical perspective; there aren that many hosts to execute on the beach, there aren that many Ghost Nation bodies lying around waiting to be scalped, the bodies in the sea would begin to decay, I find it unlikely that Delos would stage smoke coming out of their facility over and over again when Bernard walks up; I could go on and on, but it seems like far too elaborate of a production, involving an insane amount of people, just to jog a host memory.I think the bigger question is when did Bernard change host bodies, and was he the one that decided to do it?Fluffhead83 1 point submitted 1 month agoI kind of agree with this it seems to me that Bernard being run through a loop is not the simplest explanation. I think its more likely that the present timeframe (beach) Bernard is another host entirely or he is perhaps a different version of Bernard (as you mention in your other post).We see him being taken to different areas of the park and seemingly having flashbacks, but has there been any level of confirmation that he is actually having flashbacks? It very well could be that we are being deceived into thinking these are flashbacks instead of just seeing the narrative unfold.SurfaceReflection 1 points submitted 1 month agoWilliam never even mentioned any “real stakes” until the very last episode in first season. And he never shown one tiny bit of care that hosts are “harmless” before that either.All he wanted is to discover the secret of the “maze”.Also, i guess they have some kind of a general plan.

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