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And besides top players, dying from one witch time is just out of question.No, I don mean waiting as a playstyle, I meant literally just waiting for the Witch time to end. My only gripe with bayo is her ability to ledge camp.I mean, I play Morton for christs sake and I have no trouble with the countless bayo mains in my scene. Sure, sometimes I drop a set to them, but when I do I dont blame it on witch time or bats within, I blame it on me not being able to figure out the weakness of the character and the opponents play.MostlyMisanthropic 2 points submitted 1 year agoSomething that could help with your acne and the scarring is a chemical exfoliant (AHA/BHA).

Wears/Condition: been worn 3 4 times. Soles are a little beat up because those times were all walking around cobblestone streets, but the uppers are in essentially perfect conditionNotes: I would wear the fuck out of these if they were my size. These look great with jeans, but you could definitely dress them up with chinos.

The Heptapods came to give humans gifts, to share their technologies, so that humans, 3,000 years in the future, could return the favor and help them in their time of need. They came to help elevate humans to a higher moral level, a level of cosmic alliance and friendship that makes current bickering and destructive competitive behavior seem ridiculous red ants endlessly fighting black ants to no real gain. What is needed is what in game theory is called a “more than zero sum gain,” Banks explains to her teenage daughter: It’s when both parties have their needs and desires satisfied..

34th St. Between Seventh Ave. And Broadway; Open Mon Sat, 10am 10pm; Sun, 10am 9pm; Times Square between 44th and 45th Sts; daily, 8am 7pm; Southern tip of City Hall Park; Mon Fri, 9am 6pm; Sat Sun, 10am 5pm.. The poll was conducted immediately after the conclusion of the president address to Congress by re contacting a scientifically sampled panel of Americans who had first been interviewed in the days leading up to the speech and had stated that they planned to watch. A total of 857 speech watchers were interviewed. The margin of error for the total sample is 4.2 points..

Rubin appeared together at a press conference this morning to announce that they had restored cuts to retirement health benefits of police and fire employees. Council approved the FY 2010 budget, which included eligibility changes in retirement health plans for all city employees. The Office of the Chief Financial Officer, in trying to close the city’s budget gap, proposed a new formula for retirement health benefits for all city employees.

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