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I have friends that are weirdos (including my girlfriend), as well as normies. I in my 30 and just got back from Detroit for some good old fashioned warehouse techno parties. I really just love music in all forms and am willing to stay out late and venture into some weird settings to experience it.

Examination of both the report and the reporting reveals a confused picture of the ethical issues. Our analysis suggests that five important sources of confusion underlie its judgements. In the development of subsequent policy, a process of teasing out these difficult issues has begun.

Length: The biggest distinguishing factor between these two services is the amount of time they allow for clips. Instagram offers users 15 seconds to Vine’s six two and a half times the video fun. The longer time limit is supposed to make it easier for more people to shoot videos, since you don’t have to ration your time quite as jealously as you do with Vine..

Other winners were Christina Izzicupo of Stoneham with a 41.80 in the 300 meter dash and Bishop Feehan’s Meg Looney in the 600 meters (1:36.70). Canton’s Alyse Rocco won the mile with ease (5:07.32) and Stoneham’s Ali Simeone took the 2 mile in 11:08.41. Emmaline Berg of Holliston (41 2 1/2) outdistanced her competitors by more than 4 feet in the shot put..

Use cotton pads to dab your eyes. Be gentle, though. Don’t rub them, because even with extra soft cotton, the fibres bunch up after a while to form a ridge, which can feel great initially, but you just end up scratching your eyes which will make things worse in the long run..

I managed to pick up one of the last sunsets for retail, I saw afterwards they were selling for 300$ on stockx and goat. I thought there was good amount of demand but maybe it was just that cw. Every non sneakerhead I’ve met hates the look, but a few of my friends tried them in store and were mind blown by the comfort..

What goes around comes around, buddy. 2 points submitted 2 days agoYou have to have a seriously fucked up worldview to think a cop would shoot a dog for no reason. We can agree that some people get unnecessarily scared of dogs but the discussion should be about the reasonableness of their actions based on their perceptions at the moment it happened.

There is a very clear direction for something totally new that could fill 10 posts in a whole other thread. The fact that you don know exactly what will happen in the next movie is a GOOD thing. In fact, if you had that attitude after TFA, you would not have been so disappointed when it didn play out the way you expected..

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