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SIEGEL: Karriem Saleem El Amin killed a Baltimore grocer, David Lermer (ph), during a stick up. When Saleem went in, he was a teenaged killer named William Collins (ph). Now, he’s back in the city of his youth, converted to Islam, subdued by age and often baffled by the experience of freedom..

You guys know that I take any chance I can to talk about one of my favorite rivalries. Being from Inglewood and a Celtic for life, there’s nothing better in my opinion than a Celtics vs. Lakers matchup. These people in charge speak with their actions their words are nothing but lies to keep us calm as they slowly kill and control us. It is truly evil. People need to wake up before they find themselves slaves in a country where many have fought and died to keep free .

JOHNSON: A bit complicated because the Justice Department has contradicted itself about what it’s doing. First, Justice confirmed there was a call for a criminal probe. Then, a few hours later, Justice said it was a request to investigate the possible compromise of sensitive information.

‘Can you imagine if she’d seen me win the World Cup? And she might have done without Maradona. I think Gary Lineker has forgiven him but to me he’s still a nasty little git. He cheated and got away with it. In addition to using youth access programmes to fight more effective policies, the tobacco industry has reaped several other benefits. Tobacco industry youth access messages (which do not contradict cigarette advertising) have allowed the industry to create competition with other media campaigns (such as the “Truth” campaign which exposes tobacco industry manipulation of teens) which actually affect teen smoking prevalence.51 55At best, youth access programmes are ineffective and a drain on limited resources. Even if they did affect youth smoking, the impact on smoking prevalence and morbidity and mortality from smoking would not be seen for decades.56 At worst, they are counterproductive and help the tobacco industry fight meaningful tobacco control policy.

We applied an exploratory factor analysis, but since factor analysis makes assumptions about normality and linear correlations that are likely to be violated by the skewed data, we also used the non parametric Mokken scaling approach.15 The two sets of results taken together supported a division into four groups: (1) medicines (paracetamol, antibiotics, antidepressants, swine flu vaccine and OTC nausea drugs); (2) herbal substances (ginger and cranberries); (3) food substances (eggs and blue veined cheese); and (4) alcohol and smoking. Thalidomide and dental X rays did not appear to fit well in any grouping (for further details please see online supplementary appendix 1). For each group we added together the scores and divided this by the number of scores in the group to keep the outcome variable on a scale from 0 to 10.

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