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“Midnight basketball was described as paying money so that crackheads could play basketball in the middle of the night,” Scott said. “What they left out was the fact that every time they put midnight basketball in a neighborhood, the crime rate plummeted. You saved more money than you spent on the midnight basketball.

You for everything you do for me. You are my King. Here to the future! not the first time Rakich has showered his wife to be with a lavish display of love. ‘Bisexual’ beetles DON’T prefer mating with insects of the. GM is eyeing plans for customizable self driving cars that.Share this article Share37 sharesThe firm has yet to decide how it plans to release the technology.Experts say the feature raises a slew of tough ethical questions around how AI and humans will interact as the technology weaves its way into our everyday lives.’Silicon Valley is ethically lost, rudderless and has not learned a thing’.Google employees told Bloomberg that so far reception around Duplex has been mixed.’We don’t want to pretend to be a human,’ designer Ryan Germick said in an interview with Bloomberg.However, Germick and Scott Huffman, an executive on Google’s Assistant team, said part of the goal was to make Duplex as human as possible so that it could hold more nuanced, believable conversations.Google’s Wavenet software is able to detect human voices and turn the soundwaves into sentences. Google has now taken the technology one step further with Duplex, which can now mimic human voices.

Life on Mars featured a present day detective who suddenly finds himself back in the 1970s; Ashes to Ashes uses the same idea, but this time it’s set in the 1980s. Both series were written by Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah, and they both take their title from a David Bowie song of the time. In Ashes to Ashes, DCI Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister), the Neanderthal copper from 1973, has moved to London from Manchester to show the ‘southern Nancys’ a thing or two about policing..

“This was mostly a typical Democratic speech much better than the direction Republicans offer America, but not the bold economic vision that most Americans want and need,” Adam Green, co founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, said in a statement. “Clinton’s allusions to reining in Wall Street, ending corporate tax havens and addressing inequality open the door to a corporate accountability agenda but Americans need to see specifics. We need a Democratic nominee ready to take on the powerful financial interests that keep our economy down.”.

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