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This is something for the Republicans (and YES THE WASHINGTON POST) to tear into. The massive numbers of Boomers cannot be supported by these programs and therefore the socialists plan to just curtail them. Besides, these programs are just for old people, the “problem” people in socialist eyes, who tend to be conservative and don’t vote for socialists.

I knew this girl who converted to Judaism because she went to to a reform synagogue and liked the energy and the people there. She felt a real sense of community. That all well and good but I was speaking to her about god and other stuff like that and she started saying stuff like, well we believe.

“In American style Chinese food, the vegetables used tend to be crunchy but flavorless broccoli, carrots, celery, bean sprouts,” says Jennifer 8. Lee, whose documentary, The Search for General Tso, traces the roots and myths of the popular American Chinese chicken dish. “Chop suey, for example, is based on a familiar dish, but it’s not something you see Chinese people eat.

“We said, from now on, young people in the audience . Young people on stage, young subject matter,” Springer explained to Rosie O’Donnell in 2012. “Well, young people are just much wilder in their personal lives, much more open, much more emotional. Barnum who took the format from Phil Donahue’s soberissues oriented discussions to fistfights, paternity tests, and episodes with titles like “I’m a Breeder for the Klan” and “I Married a Horse.”Millions watched.

Then the bartender rebuffs him, confirming his sneaking sense that some social loss of grace has occurred, and been remembered and recorded.Struggling on, he passes next through the garden of a former mistress, though he can remember precisely when or in what mood he broke it off. She isn wholly pleased to see him either, and is likewise fretful about the possibility that he wants money. Leaving, he catches on the cooling air an autumnal smell, not quite placeable but as gas Marigolds? Chrysanthemums? Looking up, he sees the winter constellations have taken up their stations in the night sky.

Rice beat his wife in an elevator with punches forceful enough to knock her out cold. Hardy threw his ex girlfriend onto a couch of rifles and slammed her arm under a toilet seat. McDonald struck the woman carrying his unborn child. He puts in effort and I have no doubt that he loves me. He has his own hobbies and interests and shares them with me if I ask. We make the most of our time together and find fun things to do, even if it just watching Netflix.

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