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To add onto this. It’s exactly why WW1 was known as a war of attrition. It was literally all about who could outlast who. I exercising more often. I moving into my own place. I starting to realize that it not healthy to define yourself through a relationship.

Even among discredited medical examiners, Hayne is something of an outlier. By his own admission, he performed 1,200 to 1,800 autopsies a year in Mississippi for almost 20 years. Most professional organizations recommend no more than 300 a year. It this super human confidence that I have that I can achieve anything, but at times being held back by the adhd. I believe without the adhd I would turned out to be one of those egotistical assholes who were very successful.But problems occurred after success happens with medication and now I judge everyone else as lazy and don understand why people don work as hard or have the same aspirations.Currently I doing a lot of mindfulness training and trying to be nicer to myself through self acceptance to combat the grief and my own crazy expectations of myself.Depressedly 1 point submitted 1 year agoTake the cousera course:Learning how to learn, it breaks down how memory is stored and the best methods in order to retain information. Examples include pomodoro, spaced repetition, interleaving, mental libraries, analogies, metaphors, chunking, and deliberate practice.

Give TOMS a pop: fashionable, sophisticated, affordable, different. Alternatively, get the Hipster Harry Potter look with a pair of Thierry Lasry’s tortoiseshell sunglasses or the less eccentric Timeless Amber from Han Kjbenhavn. Flip flops or tasteful sandals (without socks) are fine for lazy days by the pool, but a pair of something more robust and stylish for day trips and evenings out is essential.

Kitty would follow and meow and yowl like crazy. At this point he started getting the zoomies a few times a week, running around the house and meowing and yowling even without someone being up and moving around. It got so bad that we would have to shut him in his own room for a while until he calmed down enough to let him back out..

With the NFL facing a major credibility crisis following its mishandling of the Ray Rice domestic violence situation, calls have increased for Goodell to resign or be fired. Women’s rights groups, notably UltraViolet and the National Organization For Women, have been prominent in asking the NFL to address its violence against women problem. Those groups have been joined by ESPN’s Keith Olbermann in excoriating the NFL for its reactionary handling of the Rice case as well as its inaction related to ongoing domestic violence cases involving Greg Hardy of the Panthers and Ray McDonald of the 49ers..

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