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The League is for football fans who want more than just talking heads and tired replays. From opening day through draft day we supply you with smart takes from NFL veterans, coaches, reporters and insiders and highlight what you have to say.We post a big question each weekday for discussion and debate by you and our panel of experts including Hall of Fame coaches, players and general managers. The Washington Post’s pro football staff, including reporter Mark Maske and editors Cindy Boren and Gene Wang, keep you up to date on breaking news across the NFL in our News Feed, while our team pages pull together the latest stories on all 32 squads from hundreds of news sources and blogs.The League also offers standing features on player stats, personnel decisions and the off field legal lives of those in and around professional football.The League isn’t Roger Goodell’s company line or the hype heavy loop of cliches you see on TV.

Increased labor force participation, in turn, reflects an improving wage picture. Though overall wages are growing at just above 2.2percent higher than the rate of inflation wages for individuals employed at least 12months are now growing at a median annual rate of 3.2 percent, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Economy is by no means performing as robustly as it did in, say, the 1960s or 1990s.

LB: I’m never surprised anymore. But in dealing with it, I was surprised where Trek was concerned, I will say that. Because it was such an important part of creating such a sense of hopefulness and belonging because of Gene’s [Roddenberry] vision. And I believe the Obama administration has done a terrific job. We’ve done a terrific job on both of those fronts. And I think when there’s a new administration, they will see that and reckon with it.

The film opens with a slow pan around a cavernous Buenos Aires soundstage, where a lidless piano with its hammers and strings exposed is being tuned. Then a pianist warms up, while a small band of locally famous musicians of all ages tunes up in silhouette on a backscreen, before slowly stepping forward to be joined by members of the ballet company. The dancers limber up in bright, earth colored costumes and their preparations in turn segue into a fluid intermingling of traditional songs, melodies and dances that signify the pain and endurance of the country’s indigenous peoples and, by implication, their influence on the art and culture of Spain as it emerged from Franco’s fascist yoke..

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