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“Our city relies heavily on the revenues generated by travel and tourism. In today’s troubled economy, tourism, meetings and events keep our residents employed. We represent a $5.5 billion dollar industry that contributes $620 million in tax revenue to the District and employs more than 71,000 residents,” said Bill Hanbury, president CEO of Destination DC..

None of the works on Trump and Russia is comprehensive; the appeal of one or another depends on the angles you obsess over and the blind spots you ignore. (“Was Moscow blackmailing Trump? And if yes, how exactly?”) Isikoff and Corn are versed in the Washington threads of the tale: They are sympathetic to former FBI director James Comey and merciless toward the Obama White House for its unwillingness to counter Vladimir Putin more aggressively, and they explain how the Clinton campaign worried at first that calling out Kremlin backed hacking might come off “too tinfoil.” And if you wish to wade deep in the dealings between Trump World and Russian investors, Hettena follows the dirty money. “There is no question Trump owed his comeback in large part to wealthy Russian expatriates,” he writes, detailing how Russians parked illicit profits in various Trump properties over the decades..

There is one type of material we routinely get from our wire services (The Associated Press and Reuters) that does not necessarily need to be attributed to the wire service. That is where a wire story is about a public event such as a press conference, a speech by a public official in a public setting, an official statement of a government agency, a congressional hearing, and the like. In those cases, we reasonably expect that the wire services are reliable conveyors of those quotes in the same way we regard the transcript services we use for these events.

We all glad that we met in this passing instance, each of us a thousand miles away from home, but somehow in our own element in the presence of complete strangers who just click. 3 points submitted 1 month agoChase Ink Business Preferred: Applied in person with a Business Rep during their Small Business Week special, and got the 80k bonus for 5k spend bumped up to 100k. I had previously applied online myself and got declined because they asked for more business details, and the rep at the time on the phone was adamant about tax number not being my SSID, etc.For this time, I was initially but not approved so the rep asked me to wait 7 10 business days for results.

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