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FADEL: On the surface in the capital, things are normal. People are going to restaurants, drinking cappuccinos at the cafes. But ultimately, this is a country that’s kind of like the wild, wild west. Hypoglycemia: Hypoglycemia is most prevalent in Yorkshire terrier puppies. Hypoglycemia is a term for low blood sugar. Hypoglycemic episodes can be […]

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A photograph of Jack Ma with US President elect Donald Trump had gone viral, Alibaba Group’s billionaire founder, has pledged to add a million US businesses to Alibaba’s online shopping platforms. That Ma was pushed by Beijing to gain a first hand assessment of Washington’s new mindset and how the future of Sino US businesses […]

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I started at 55k with a small construction company, now at the high 60 with my consulting firm expecting a raise this year. I think you could make the most money sticking to utilities on average but consulting has a potential to make more when you move into management via bonuses, large projects, profitsharing etc. […]