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Consequences of this connectionOnce Sobhraj was able to play the host, he began his maneuver. As soon as he sensed alcohol and bonhomie had relaxed his prey enough to be distracted, Sobhraj would stir a strong sedative into their drink. When his guest became all but comatose, Sobhraj would assist them to bed. One prominent […]

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Explanation: When moving the character in game in any direction (walking, running) except when stationary (turning around on one spot), there is a sound in the background like a metal string being plucked. Playing with headphones plugged into the controller and unplugged create the same sound. Switching character skins and restarting the game do not […]

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Subsequently, on Twitter, some people took me to task, claiming my question was misinformed. They cited the section of the Good Friday Agreement which commits the British and Irish governments to hold concurrent referendums (or should that be referenda?) stating that “it is for the people of the island of Ireland alone, by agreement between […]

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Activists will descendon city centers, state capitols and, in Washington, at Lafayette Square across from the White House. “The Trump administration is trying to dissuade people from coming to our southern border by administering this unimaginable cruelty to send a message. [Attorney General] Jeff Sessions has been clear about this. “You have really big issues […]