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The White House, for instance, has sent out regular email blasts to reporters with alarmist accounts of crime committed by undocumented immigrants. President Trump has frequently exaggerated the threat posed by MS 13, acriminal gang originating in Los Angeles whose members tend to be from Central American countries. On Tuesdayhe wrote on Twitter, without evidence,that […]

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Photograph of entrance to convenience store in California showing side by side comparison of tobacco industry the Law youth access notification and a corresponding notification from the California Department of Health Services. The messages are indistinguishable. Indeed, the tobacco industry message is clearer and stronger than the one from the Health Department.. Around this conceit, […]

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Philanthropic foundations are interested in tackling the fake news problem but where do they put their money? When the Hewlett Foundation the philanthropy founded by the Hewlett family of Hewlett Packard fame started looking at how it could get involved after the 2016 presidential election, it found most money was either going “upstream” or “downstream” […]