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Previously demonstrated that it is possible to generate a “glucose sensor” in skeletal muscle through co expression of glucokinase (Gck) and insulin (Ins), increasing glucose uptake and correcting hyperglycemia in diabetic mice. Here, we demonstrate long term efficacy of this approach in a large animal model of diabetes. A one time intramuscular administration of adeno […]

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Party Line Incumbent : Hawkins: His main goals are to improve government role with businesses, create more jobs and reform the workers compensation system. 7. He cites local roots despite having to move to seek reelection. After a project gets to the Water Development Board and isprioritizedand ultimately approved, it will then go to aseparatelegislativeadvisory […]

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The Indiana law requires that people’s religious beliefs be “substantially burdened” before they can claim that their religious freedom is being violated. The difference, as some are pointing out, is that Connecticut law allows that claim with any burden at all. A gay couple wanting two male figurines placed on top of their wedding cake. […]